I’m an independent climate change consultant specialising in climate change and international development, with a focus on adaptation, mainstreaming, and climate risk assessment. A significant proportion of my work involves the provision of training, as well as the development of guidance, background briefings, and mainstreaming and evaluation frameworks for development organisations. More information on these areas will be added here in due course.

My recent clients have included the African Development Bank, the UK Department for International Development, the United Nations Development Programme, the OECD, and the European Commission. As well as adaptation, development and mainstreaming, my recent work has also included the preparation of reviews on aspects of climate science, and on the links between climate change, migration and conflict. See “reports” for more details.

Much of my work is conducted in partnership with development NGOs, academic organisations, and other bodies. Recent collaborations have involved work with IIED, the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia, the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford, and the South Africa based Kulima Integrated Development Solutions. In addition, my consultancy work often involves collaboration with other individual specialists, for example to deliver training on a wide variety of climate change related topics.

A considerable amount of my consultancy wok focuses on Africa, and I have a long-standing research interest in African climate and development.

My background is in climate change science, and I received a PhD in climate change from the University of East Anglia in 2000, the subject of which was drought in Sahel. After working at the University of Reading, the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, I became a freelance climate change consultant in October 2005. Since then I have combined consultancy with research into human-environment interaction and adaptation to climate change (with a focus on long-term perspectives on adaptation drawing on archaeological and palaeoenvironmental research), and I continue to publish on climate change in academic journals.


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